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We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest especially in an industry that has previously been shrouded in secrecy and it has always been our priority to handcraft our unique jewellery as sustainably as possible. 

Our core belief is jewellery should have meaning and sentimental significance, we want our customers to invest in their own HLSK piece because they feel connected to not only the aesthetic of the piece, but because it is a labour of love with a story behind it. 

Releasing small collections through out the year allows our customers to make thoughtful purchases rather than a fast-fashion approach, thus avoiding a mass-production chain reaction. 


We source our gemstones & diamonds directly from miners themselves & trusted local suppliers. In particular supporting small family run businesses, who also follow strict ethical and sustainable guidelines, which are in line with our brand. This ensures the product we receive are from legitimate sources, are conflict free and follow strict United Nations regulations. 

Our cultured diamonds are 100% produced using solar power taking it a step further to be eco-friendly whilst remaining identical to their earth-mined counterparts. 

We recycle all of our studio metal scraps for reuse. Our high-grade gold materials are 95% from recycled products., any new gold that we use is verified as 100% pure Australian gold as our single source supplier refines and manufactures solely Australian gold. 

Our silver is 100% recycled Australian Sterling Silver.


Following a strict made to order process since the brands inception has allowed us to successfully minimize all waste that would be normally seen from mass-production. 

Handcrafting our jewellery creates a unique experience for each customer knowing each stone and bead of metal is specially allocated to them.

“I'm incredibly proud that we put so much thought into every piece we make, responsibly handcrafting each item in our Melbourne studio”
- Hannah Stewart - Founder


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