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Handcrafted Signet Rings

Signet rings have been a popular everyday adornment choice for centuries. Historically worn by royalty or families of nobility, to this day they are often worn to signify something personal and special to the wearer.

Find a signet ring that speaks to your personal style from the collection at HLSK.

A Collection Of Diamond Signet Rings

In the past, signet rings were primarily worn by men, however, they are now becoming increasingly popular amongst all genders with designs focused on elegance. The collection from HLSK offers a number of stylish choices to ensure a truly personal piece. A gold and diamond signet ring is sure to be a piece you’ll cherish forever. A single classic white diamond is distinctive, or opt for a unique design by setting your signet ring with black diamonds. 

If you’re hoping to personalise your signet ring further, don’t hesitate to reach out to our talented jewellers to discuss our bespoke design service.

The HLSK Difference

At HLSK we appreciate how truly personal a signet ring can be - when choosing a ring from our collection you can be sure that it will be handcrafted to order in our Melbourne-based studio. We pride ourselves on using 100% Australian gold and ethically sourcing all our diamonds and gemstones.

What does a signet ring symbolise?

A signet ring historically bore a family crest or initials of someone of notoriety. In modern times they have become synonymous with individuality, with the wearer choosing to either wear the signet style ring bare, engraving it, or set with a gemstone, diamond or something of significance to them.


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