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Handcrafted Gold Bracelets

A delicate gold bracelet is the epitome of subtle elegance. Whether worn as a feature or to accent other pieces, a gold bracelet from HLSK gives its wearer an adornment they’ll treasure.Read More...

Browse our collection of bracelets, handcrafted using 100% Australian Gold and using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.

The HLSK Difference

Each of our unique bracelet designs are handcrafted in our Melbourne studio using diamonds and gemstones that are ethically sourced. We reduce wastage by recycling wherever possible and are proud to use 100% Australian Gold.Read More...

Not just for engagement rings - we offer bespoke design services for those who want to create a truly unique and sentimental piece of jewellery.


FAQ's


How do I choose a Diamond bracelet?

A diamond bracelet is special and should represent the person wearing it. Choose a diamond bracelet that speaks to you. If you have a design already in mind, speak to our talented jewellery makers about handcrafting a piece just for you.

How to clean a diamond/gold bracelet

There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure your diamonds remain sparkling and your gold shining. Avoid wearing your bracelet whilst sleeping, exercising or when your hand is immersed in water or applying lotions. Warm soapy water is ideal for cleaning and use a delicate toothbrush to clean away any residue. We recommend having your bracelet professionally cleaned every 4-5 months. For further detail on how HLSK can assist with cleaning and maintaining your jewellery, view our page on caring for your jewellery.