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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Handcrafted Sapphire Rings

A sapphire engagement ring is unique and makes the perfect eye-catching statement. Whether it's the feature stone, or subtle design accent, incorporating a vibrant Sapphire into your forever ring is the perfect way to represent your love story.Read More...

Browse our collection of sapphire engagement rings, handcrafted with sustainability in mind using ethically sourced gemstones.

The Sapphire Ring Collection

At HLSK we are dedicated to handcrafting unique pieces that our clients can feel a personal connection to. A sapphire, whilst most broadly recognised in its blue form can also be found in a myriad of colours which add a unique element to any engagement ring design. From a statement blue sapphire to an eye-catching green, a classic white sapphire or feminine pink - at HLSK we’ve handcrafted a vibrant collection of sapphire engagement rings for you to fall in love with.

The HLSK Difference

Along with our entire collection, HLSK engagement rings are lovingly designed and handcrafted in-house from sapphires and materials that are ethically sourced. We are committed to creating sustainable designs, recycling wherever possible, and using 100% Australian Gold.Read More...

We also offer bespoke engagement ring design services for those who want to create a truly personalised forever ring.

FAQ's


Are sapphire engagement rings popular?

The use of Sapphires in engagement rings has long been a popular choice, and offers a great alternative to a Diamond. With a wide range of breathtaking colours in an array of different cuts, Sapphires offer a truly unique take on the traditional engagement ring for the stylish and discerning Bride.

Are sapphires more valuable than diamonds?

Whilst diamonds are more expensive and a highly sought after gemstone - a sapphire can add another dimension to an engagement ring”

What designs are best for sapphire engagement rings?

No matter the colour or shape of sapphire, this exquisite gemstone will elevate any engagement ring design. Whether serving as an eye-catching feature, or complemented with Diamonds, the collection of sapphire engagement ring designs from HLSK exhibit the versatility of this elegant gemstone